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Marin's Bangladesh
52/1,Hasan Holding (14th Floor) New Easkaton Road
Banglamotor,Dhaka Bangladesh

Net Link Global Tech PTE. Ltd.
30 Roberts Lane 02 01
Singapore - 218309

Specialists in Trade Finance

Marin's Bangladesh is partnered with several financial institutions around the world to offer services that include international project and trade finance, online client accounts, corporate prepaid MasterCard, money remittance and SWIFT financial messaging.

Our documentary credits are sent out through both SWIFT and TELEX. With an international network of more than 10,000 financial organisations, securities, institutions and corporate customers in 212 countries, SWIFT can help businesses to create new opportunities and revenue streams all around the world.

Anyone can pay a fee to use our services, which do not affect your credit rating or standing with your bank or lender. We do not underwrite your company financials. Most of all, our services do not tie up your cash.

We offer:

  1. Letters of credit
  2. Standby letters of credit
  3. Revolving letters of credit
  4. Back to back letters of credit
  5. Bid bonds (Tender Guarantee)
  6. Invoice financing
    And more…

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For further information or to discuss your requirements with member of our team, why not get in touch with us today by calling on the number at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can also get in contact with us by filling in the contact form with your details and query